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67e Europees Muziekfestival in Neerpelt

Registration is possible now! Instrumental edition, May 3 - May 6, 2019

Dear young musicians, It seems like only yesterday we closed our 2018 Festival but the instrumental 2019 edition, for which we would like to invite you, is already announcing itself. All necessary documents such as the regulations, the invitation folder as well as the registration form are already available online on our festival website www.emj.be.

What once started off as a local singing contest intending to stimulate youngsters to study music, has meanwhile become famous enough far beyond European borders to be an icon to children- and youth ensembles.

From Friday May 3 till Monday May 6, 2019 around 100 children- and youth ensembles and about 4.000 youngsters up to the age of 28 from all corners of the world will get together in Neerpelt again, to participate at our 67th European Music Festival for Young People, an instrumental edition. A participation is possible in one or more of our 14 different categories.

Those wanting to share their music, to discover each other’s cultures, to celebrate a mega feast of joy, peace and friendship spiced up by musical highlights, certainly have to come to Neerpelt.

Are you interested in participating at our 67th festival edition, are you looking for more information, are you eager to know which festival program will be offered, ... feel free to check enclosed information as well as our festival website www.emj.be, where you can also find the detailed festival regulations, translated in 7 languages. But if you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact our festival office info@emj.be.

This TV broadcast of our instrumental edition of 2015 gives a beautiful impression of what our EMJ is all about.

We certainly hope to add you to our list of participants and to offer you some unforgettable days of music, together with thousands of other musicians from all over the world.

Joyful greetings from Neerpelt,
The EMJ-team